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Q: Hey everyone, i recently injected T500 from Hardcore labs and i have had severe pain in the injection site for the last 3 days. The area actually became swollen, hard, and warm. I even developed a fever about 12 hrs later. I did clean the site and vial prior to injection and i used a fresh needle, so i can’t imagine that it is an infection from any dirty products. The 2 things that concern me are:

1: I used a diabetic needle with a 5/8″ needle, which now I know is too short to go IM
2: I also heard that this type of blend might be too strong for 1 site injection. Should I be splitting it into 2 injections? I’ve also heard of cutting it with grape seed oil.

Any advice would be great!!!!!! Thank you

A: Actually such a strong dose is mostly only tolerated by advanced users. Your body develops a tolerance, just as with many compounds, coffee, alcohol, ephedrine, clenbuterol, etc.
You can dilute the compound. I know some that use Test Prop and they like it. As said here, deep intra-muscular injection in the glute.

Q: Yea, i am figuring that out now. I would have thought that i could handle it, but i quickly found out that is not the case. This is only my 3rd cycle. I actually found a TON of other threads that stated the same problems. I bought the Grape seed oil USP yesterday and ill go 50/50 Mon/Thursday and see how that goes. I also heard of hitting a short run or the hot tub to help diffuse the product a little bit more into the muscle.

A: I think this will only increase your chance on an infection. You will need sterile pharmaceutical grade oil, spiked with 1-2 percent Benzyl Alcohol to be safe. It’s much better to use a low dosed Testosterone Propionate to cut your T 500. As you can see in the graphic, a combination of different estrifications has a higher thus favorable level. This is called synergism. For those that don’t tolerate T-500, I created a milder compound for Hard Core Labs called SuperTest 300 mg/ml.

I know guys that pin a few milliliter T-500, even up to a full 5 ml syringe. One of them told me he could actually feel the compound working his body the next day. When I asked if he never had a depot irritation, he told me that in his opinion that was part of the game and that in fact he was lovin’ it.

Q: I juiced oil based GP and got mean case of pips the next day, I made the mistake of forgetting to warm the oil and didn’t massage too much =P (my fault). So is there anything I can do to speed up the recovery? its a bad case so I am thinking it will be sore for about 7 days but I got leg work in 3?

Hot cold water?
Icy hot, stretching, making the leg more active, resting the leg?

I got a compression bandage on it right now because walking to the kitchen my leg almost buckled, it feels okay with the warmth of the bandage? but when I stand to walk I am all gimpy and my leg is stiff as a board. Also getting into the car, walking up stairs, sitting on the toilet is a task in it self and putting on socks? UGG….

any advise on a fast recovery would be fantastic.

A: It’s always smart to inject in your butt cheeks. They tolerate shorter estrifications and Test E which is also very harsh on the quads or shoulder. And in case of an infection ..a scar on the butt is no eyecatcher. Just look on google how much this happens with the shoulder. Also water based roids …buttcheek.. On most people this is the biggest muscle which can hold bigger depots..

Q: Well guys I pinned by Gluteus Maximus yesterday and boy there is no pip at all! more like a light mosquito bite feeling of sore.

What I did was warmed the oil before pinning, massaged after pinning, soaked in a hot bath for 15 mins and did a few leg exercises to get the blood flowing, after that I went about my day and I feel great!

What I suggest is with GP Sust270 Do not ever pin your thighs, I have found that this oil is very harsh. Pinning the buttocks is like butter with zero pip…

This was a test run on sust270, I will finish up my cycle and next cycle probably switch to GP Test Cyp 250 , again in the glute for my own personal comfort.

A: Very sensible, most people that have PIP on Test E change to Test Cyp or the even better bearable Test Decanoate or Undecanoate.

I know a competing bodybuilder that only pins Test Decanoate, because he “feels” good on it. And he knows ..cause he pinned everything and a looot of it during his carreer.

But again its individual

Q: Hi.

I have a big problem and i try to solve it with your excellent experience:
i started make injection of TE (testosterone enanthate) 4 years agò.
First and second cycle was just 2 shot of Testoviron Bayer (from italian pharma purchased with my hands) each week (sunday and wednesday).
I always used only TE from italian pharma until last year.
Just first 2 shot gave me a bit of pain (pip) after 24 hours but just a bit and after 2 shot it finished.
As you wrote on your site i used ONLY the glute to inject.
Since third cycle i tryed 750 mg week doing 3 injection week, always using glute only and trotating them sunday wednesday and friday.
I make always labs during and post cycle:
Here the problem: only first 2 cycle i had a value of TT at half cycle that was less then the value of TE obtained by labs at the end of the cycle: since i started 3 injection week, i had excellent value at half cycle (for example last summer 104 ng/ml of TT after 6 week of cycle) and lower value at end cycle (for example always last summer 50 ng/ml of TT at end cycle, while was 104 six week before !!!).
This happened all 3 cycle in wich i used a higher dose (750 instead 500).
When i used only 500 mg week doing only 2 shot week, i always had something like: 60ng ml TT half cycle and 80/85 ng/ml end cycle.
I have to precise that when i made 3 shot week, since the week number 7 or 8, the pip grow: the shot became pain…
Now i have to suppose that making 3 injection using gluteus only, each week, could be too much for my glute and maybe i start to create too much scar tissue that damage the absorption of the TE …?
For this reason i tryed to inject in the quad….
i tryed 3 times and it hurted me a lot: 3 times i pinned the quad and 3 times i had big difficult to walking for 5/6 days… (and a bit of light fever).
Maybe i must try again to train the quad muscle to be pinned?
What do you suggest to solve this problem?
Maybe i have to make bigger shot (2ml) less frequently to avoid this kind of problem?
Is reasonable try single shot of 2 ml (500mg) of TE on an amateur user?
Other solution? Consider i talk of Testosterone Enanthate only (i love it) injection, not other products.

Thank you very very very much for your attention..

A: Bro,

Read this article “Building muscle without training!”
Dose response being inject more-grow more. Bhasin showed that you grow on bigger doses.
Inject TE only twice a week. You can inject 5 ml, no prob.
Normally I injected friday and tuesday.
Be sure to inject CLEAN, clean everything -skin-needle-rubber etc etc.
And to have better results combine it with an oral, like Methandrostenolone.
The last few weeks inject every 3 day 500 iu HCG to start endogenous testosterone production..
PCT (end of cycle) Clomid and Nolvadex.

best regards HCL team

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