One of our former resellers in Bulgaria decided to make his own products (and again) to abuse our name and logo.

At first they used the skull we used for our discontinued Mibolerone product “Cheque Drops”. But more and more they also copied our style and logo.

This counterfeiter is also very active on social media and he runs a webshop.

We made some comparison pictures showing real and fake. Our guesses are they don’t sell big quantities in our part of Europe, because no-one ever was able to report us about their quality. I know that our products are too expensive for most users in Bulgaria and surrounding countries.

That’s okay, but we are sorry that this counterfeiter didn’t show enough creativity to build his own brand.

I bet now or in the near future new counterfeits of our products will be made

So buyer beware !!

On the net you can also find “sources” that sell our products by means of very old pictures, pictures from other UG Labs (Overdrive) and discontinued products (Dianabol Inject). I don’t think anyone can sell products that are not being made for years.. but hé ?..

To verify if your source is a legit HCL approved source, check the section “Friendly Sites”

Or contact us by mail to ask about HCL approved resellers

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