About us

About HardCoreLabs aka HCL

HCL started as a body of knowledge for underground laboratories.
We produced bulk amounts of finished steroids especially for the Scandinavian market.
The goal of HCL was to produce hard-core products for the hard-core bodybuilder – powerlifter – kick-boxers the cage-fighters and the strongmen.
Gear for real men not for pussies.
Hence products like T-500 500 mg/ml testosterone estrifications and mibolerone (for the fighters).
Beside that we made many innovative products that caused a lot of publicity in the magazines and on the net .
When you go through all information on this site you’ll be able to see for yourself.

Maybe you already used or use our products without knowing we are the REAL manufacturers of your products and the UG lab on the label just buys our products in litres.

Now our ambitions reach much further.
For the visitors of this informational website we want to make clear what we have done, do and want to do.

If you have any questions you can mail us, or post in the Guestbook.

Because we are so multidimensional we are often covered in the press.

Some pictures of the prestigious books “ANABOLICS” and “UNDERGROUND ANABOLICS” from William Llewellyn.
Just like in the Bodybuilding magazine “MUSCULAR DEVELOPMENT” from the USA.

We were also covered by other magazines, newspapers and websites like ergogenics.org.
A search via search engines will show you.

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